Description Edit

Harper Lee is a sixth grade 11 year old, who lives on a farm. Harper was given to a family on a farm, when she was two months old. Apollo felt the need to separate them at a young age. Harper was given to the Lee family, and she grew up there. Growing up, Harper lived in an average family. She had a brother, and two parents. Her parents, Kira and Bob tried to give her the best life, knowing that they weren't her real parents. Growing up, Harper was very creative and loved to write. She spent most of her free time writing stories. Although, she never finished them, she continued to write until her hand ached. Harper always had company. She never found herself alone. She had a pet bunny named, Fluffy. Fluffy always curled up on Harper's lap, on her window bench, where she would write stories. She also loved to write stories on a swinging bench, on her porch.

Social Life Edit

Harper's social life was a big part of her life as a child. She always had a friend to keep her company. Harper had two best friends, before she mat Bella. Their names were Sarah Jones and Maddy Dalios, the three of of them always did everything together. Soon, Harper became the third wheel of the threesome. One day, Harper was lonely, so her mom sook her to an adult party. Kira hoped to cheer up Harper with music. Even though Harper was and still is a punk, she doesn't mind parties. At the party she met a shy little girl, who loved music. Bella. They have been best friends ever since. When Bella told Harper that she was going to De La Salle, Harper was crushed, but she knew that they would remain friends.

Appearance Edit

Harper is, and always been a punk girl, besides her blonde hair with hot pink streaks. She wears a leather jacket, and leather pants with a lot of zippers. Her high hiking boots are preferred by Harper. Harper doesn't really care about what she looks like, although, her personality is nothing close to punk. She also always wears a gold chain necklace with her name in gold. That she and Bella gave each other as friendship necklaces.

Visual Status Edit

Gender: Female

Family: Apollo(Dad)Jessica(Bio-Mom)Kira(Fake-Mom)Bob(Fake-Dad)Ryan(Fake-Brother) Bella(Twin)

Status: Alive

Hair Colour: Blonde with Hot pink highlights and other colours at different times.

Eye Colour: Green

Other Edit

Home: The Demigod Academy, Port Granby on Lakeshore Rd(Clarington, Ontario)

Species: Demigod/half blood

Weapons: The main weapons that Harper uses are her bow and arrows and her coin that Apollo gave to her before her first quest. The tips of her arrows are pure gold, it is the best when it comes to fighting monsters. The coin that Was given to her by Apollo, turns into a dagger with Harper's name engraved on the handle, when flipped in the air.

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